The Storage Manager

We have specifically designed StorMan to meet the optimization needs of storage owner-operators.

StorMan provides owner-operators with the capability to capture all of their contractual obligations and to generate a probabilistic estimate of the future inventory path within the context of the overall storage facility.  StorMan reveals opportunities for performable park and loans – a crucial component of an owner-operator’s optimization activities.  The application also highlights possible inventory performance problems for the operator.

An evolution of our core StorNav technology, StorMan implements useful additional features.

StorMan captures all engineering and economic features of existing customer contracts against the storage facility (the parent asset).

StorMan captures the engineering and economic features of the parent asset, including pad gas and existing park and loans.

StorMan forecasts the future inventory path for each customer or all customers in aggregate.

StorMan gives the user the option to calculate the expected inventory path according to purely market-based inputs or based on the user’s own knowledge of each customer’s behavior.

StorMan gives the user a fully integrated view into the storage asset – expected inventory positions, remaining injection and withdrawal capacity, advanced warnings of potential capacity shortfalls, and economic value.