technology for systemic anomaly detection

Developed to handle the inherent complexity of anomaly detection, the AlertNav method encompasses a powerful and elegant software solution that gives users superior insight into their industrial assets.  The design of the program has been guided by the same key principles which are consistent throughout the development activities of Pastore Houldsworth & Co.

Distill complex math and analysis into simple, elegant results that make intuitive sense to the user.

Provide the program in a Microsoft Excel environment.

Emphasize ease-of-use and streamline implementation.

Offer the product on a no-nonsense monthly license without any long-term commitment required from the client.

After training on the data set, AlertNav analyzes real-time data collected from distributed sensors imbedded in the industrial asset. It processes this information using proprietary analytical techniques, thereby providing very valuable early warning feedback to the user. AlertNav’s method of analysis instantiates alarms when simple or complex anomalies are trending in the process, but it has the intelligence to avoid alarms when recurring noise is present in the system.