What We Do

We are a boutique consulting firm in Houston, Texas.  We divide our business into two complementary segments: management consulting and software licensing.

Management Consulting

Our consulting engagements encompass in-depth market analysis, custom software development, and asset valuations for our clients.Read More

Software Licensing

StorNav, and the suite of accompanying NavWare products, constitute our proprietary software that we license to many of our clients.Read More

PHC’s clients cover the full range of market participants including asset owners, operators, developers, investors, merchants, integrated majors, banks, and other financial institutions.

We distill complex ideas, smoothly execute software developments, and deliver user-friendly valuation and risk management tools to our clients.

Our Consulting Philosophy


Work beside our clients to develop, articulate, and execute strategies that enhance their commercial advantage and reputation.


Build analytical tools that give our clients straight answers and practical insight.


Listen intensely, think deeply, speak simply.


Treat every client as Client Number One.

Our Guiding Principles


“Maintain the utmost respect for our clients’ confidentiality”

At Pastore Houldsworth & Co. we place a priority on confidentiality, professionalism, and exclusivity. We always seek to enhance the competitive value of the services the firm provides and to cultivate lasting business relationships built on trust and loyalty.


“Always provide our clients with clear, honest answers”

Searching for the truth, and seeing truth once it has been discovered, forms the foundation of any useful analytical exercise.  Pastore Houldsworth & Co. always seeks to push beyond formulaic or template methods of investigation. Our analyses are thorough, creative and probing; and our reports are clear and direct, even when the findings contained therein may not provide the most comfortable answers for the client.  As a wise man once said, “a lie has speed, but truth has endurance.”


“Pursue excellence as the only acceptable work standard”

Taking care to mind the details, making a habit of prudent review, and ensuring consistency in the final deliverable – these are only some of the steps that contribute to a work-product which meets our clients’ expectations for the highest standards of quality. Excellence is our steady application of a dedicated mentality: to always strive to do better for our clients, to never find satisfaction in the adequate, and to constantly search for the exceptional. Whether researching the smallest detail in a report or illustrating the broadest dynamics of a business strategy, we seek to embody a tireless spirit of improvement and curiosity, both for ourselves and our clients.

Standards of the CFA Institute

“The client always comes first”

Established in 1962, the CFA Program sets the global standard for investment knowledge, standards and ethics. One is eligible to earn the CFA charter after passing a series of three sequential, six-hour exams over at least two years, working in the investment profession for a minimum of three to four years and committing to abide by the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. Mr. Pastore is a CFA charterholder, and Pastore Houldsworth & Co. adheres to the standards of the CFA Program and the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.